Obec Dolní Řasnice
Dolní Řasnice


                                      History of the village 

     - 1680 blacksmith shop of Ondřej Stelzig  

  • 1876 three-class elementary school 
  • 1887 post office
  • 1901 public house 


          The village of Dolní Řasnice does lay on both sides of the Rasnice river in the northern part of the region Frýdlant. The village was established - high probably - in 1381 however the first written document is dated 1409. The original German denomination had been developed from the very first settler, Mr. Rucker (Rückersdorf). The Czech denominations Dolní and Horní Řasnice have been assigned just after the W. W. II. and they reflect the name of the river.

          Dolní Řasnice is famous because of the blacksmith shop of Mr. Ondřej Stelzig, who addressed the Austrian emperor with a petition on insufferable oppression of dependants within the Frydlant county (dependant revolt) in 17th century. The life story of the blacksmith from Řasnice is a part of the novel Železná koruna (Iron Crown) by Mr. Václav Kaplický who had lived and worked in the neighbouring village of Peklo.


Blacksmith shop and house of Ondřej Stelzig in Dolní Řasnice

kovárna O. Stelziga


... and the history continues:

The very first record about the village is found in the Frydlant's Chronicle from 1381. It was a county village with about 40 houses. Since the middle of the 16th century the village was in possession of the Ressels and later on also Knebels and Maxens families. In 1651 the village had 353 citizens living in about 100 houses. However many citizens had left the village in reaction to the enforced re-catholisation. Thus in 1653–54 only some 30 houses were occupied and only 32 men and 34 women - catholics only - were registered. After the thirty years war and following some other conflicts the quantity of citizens increased in 18th and 19th centuries and the Dolní Řasnice became one of the most populated farmer villages of the Frýdlant region. Even today the village conserves its farmer character - may be with single one exception. In 1864 Josef Ressel established a textile factory producing cotton and semi-cotton textiles. At the beginning of the je 20th century this company employed about 400 persons. After nationalization the factory became part of the Liberec Company Severochema, next it served as a store for diverse farmer products. Since 1997 the Belgium Company Argo Paneelbou System have been producing some insulation boards and plates here.

 Interesting personalities

  • Andreas Stelzig – blacksmith and leader of a dependant rebellion in 1679–87
  • Adolf Hausmann – academy painter and university professor in City of Domar in Portugal
  • Franz Ressel – teacher at academy institute for church music in Berlin
  • Franz Schäfer – composer

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